How QuasaR™ partnership works


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We work with sports and fitness apparel brands of all sizes around the globe, and help them go to market in 5 easy steps.

QuasaR™ has a single point integration in the supply chain, since it is a stand alone device with no extended sensors like ECG, and/or specialist fabrics/yarns.

Step 1 – Discovery

This process helps us figure out your best clothing line to fit QuasaR™. We can help you in the decision making process with our ready-to-go mockups.

This typically takes a month and 4-5 sessions.

    Step 2 – Prototype

We will send you a few custom versions of the product integrated in your target clothing line. Along with your team we will fine-tune the color, positioning and the aesthetics of QuasaR™ to deliver the best experience.

This typically takes another month and 4-5 sessions.


Step 3 – Test

Our teams will work in tandem to help you check the ease of use of both the QuasaR™ Device and App, and report the overall user experience. We will also help you conduct user research with independent consultants.

This typically takes 1-2 months.

    Step 4 – Trial Launch

We will ship you a first batch of QuasaR™, that can be integrated in your production line with a single step. We will also provide metrics to track the user-retention and usage patterns.

This typically take anywhere between 3-6 months, based on the target demographic.


Step 5 – Partnership

We document the entire integration process, therefore helping our partners to easily scale QuasaR™ to multiple product lines. During the partnership, we will work with the best design partners and training professionals to continue to deliver great user experience over the years.