How QuasaR™ partnership works

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We work with sports and fitness apparel brands of all sizes around the globe, and help them go to market in 5 easy steps.

QuasaR™ has a single point integration in the supply chain, since it is a stand alone device with no extended sensors like ECG, and/or specialist fabrics/yarns.
QuasaR™ also provides substantial increase in accuracy (FDA and CE approval sought as a medical device).

Step 1 – Discovery
We discover the customer’s needs and requirements, by bringing the conversation to your team. This process helps us figure out the best place to fit QuasaR™ in the target clothing line, and choose the ideal method of integration. We can help you in the decision making process with our ready-to-go mockups. This typically takes a month and 4-5 sessions.
    Step 2 – Prototype
Once we have figured out your exact requirements, we will send you a few custom versions of the product integrated in your target clothing line. Along with your team we will fine-tune the color, positioning and the aesthetics of QuasaR™ to deliver the best experience. This typically takes another month and 4-5 sessions.


Step 3 – Test

Our teams will work in tandem to help you check the ease of use of both the QuasaR™ Device and App, and report the overall user experience. We will also help you conduct user research with independent consultants. Any feedback from this stage will be used to further enhance the user experience. This typically takes 1-2 months.

    Step 4 – Trial Launch
We will ship you a first batch of QuasaR™, that can be integrated in your production line with a single step. We launch QuasaR™ integrated in your selected clothing line, in pre-determined retail locations. We will also provide metrics to track the user-retention, and pattern of usage, such that we can help you produce value to your end user in real time, and keep the conversations going. This typically take anywhere between three to six months, based on the target demographic.


Step 5 – Partnership

We document the entire integration process, therefore helping our partners to easily scale QuasaR™ to multiple product lines, without damaging the user experience or the ease of integration. We ensure that we track all our points of failure, to ensure that the same challenge is never met twice. We will focus on working with the best design apparel brands and product design firms to continue to deliver great user experience over the years.